Does everybody break up this fall?

As usually, coming back from home means, you meet again with everybody. Classmates, classmates that became your friends, classmates that are on train of becoming your friends, all have stories to tell, myself included. Did quite some traveling this summer, and naturally, at my age, I find myself often caught between the desire of doing my job (that is, going to classes, for now) and grabbing a backpack and taking a long leap of absence, for as long as my conscience would allow me to skip what’s due for me now, that is my final exam, my final paper and ultimately that wonderful piece of paper that tells me I am superior to someone who didn’t go to college, but God knows how or when. Reasons to almost freak out.

But going back to stories from our holiday. I am at an age, I find, when slowly everybody settles down with somebody. I don’t mean in a “moving-in-together-soon-getting-married” sort of way, but rather, I find myself looking around me while waiting for a class to begin and I see girls hanging out with boys, then gradually, a girl kisses one of the boys she’s with in the first situation, then boom, guess what? they have been together for four years now and yeah, they are getting married …kind of settling down situation. I have classmates that have been in a relationship with their significant other for more than 3 years, I have classmates that already got married. Yesterday I saw an old room-mate of mine that just got married and is pregnant with her first baby, at 21. You think it’s crazy, but it’s happening. This is the time when you have all the fun in the world on the one hand, but secretly look for someone to settle with, a secret wish, on the other hand.

Don’t get yourself fooled, though, cause it’s not just fun and games. What got me thinking these past few days, apart from my pregnant ex-room mate, is the number or people that actually break up this time of the year. It makes me sad just to think about it. You spend an year seeing people go in relationships on facebook, growing every day and then there’s that message from your friend that says “you know, me and my boyfriend are a done deal”. It’s troubling when you truly care about someone’s well being, even though I am in a relationship, per se.

I often find myself in an awkward position, after yet another friend breaking up with their significant other. Wow, you were so amazing, you seemed to get along just fine, like you had the world at your feet and then baaam, it’s over. She is crying, he is mad somewhere, everything is messy and certain topics become awkward topics, just because in a way, it’s cruel to talk about your personal life with someone who just had theirs shattered to tiny tiny pieces. At least that’s how I see it, some other girls would not stop blabbing about their awesome boyfriend, awesome life, awesome everything. Wanted to punch some of those specimens in the face once or twice in the past, so I know from experience that I don’t want to become that queen bee, but a queen bee that is supportive. How? I haven’t figured it out yet. I would rather be alone after breaking up, rather than have anybody ask me everything to the smallest detail I don’t want to share cause it’s a personal, painful detail. Some like to spill everything to the smallest detail, like it is some sort of retribution for every painful tear that crossed the cheek and every time you waited for that stupid phone to ring, and to be his name on the screen, so you could hear his voice and he would say all those nice things and how truly sorry he is and how he wants you back into his life. But that never happens, cause once the girl is out of a relationship, it’s like you slighted your ex’s ego forever. No way you are going back to what you had ever again. And as soon as you realize what I just said, it’s like taking a really awful tasting pill: it tastes like crap while it’s on your tongue, but after you swallow it, there will soon be no trace of it ever entering your mouth.

Making someone realize that is hard and painful for the person, so most of the time I hide under the “It’s probably none of my business sign” and tackle but the surface of the problem, hoping that they are going to come to my same conclusion on their own, just like I do it. Plus, saying just the right thing is difficult sometimes, cause sometimes there are no friends’ words curing you better than a sad song.

Maybe it’s just me, but if it’s not, then tell me about how you dealt with this idea of your friend’s breakup and how it affected your relationship with her. Maybe you’ll teach me some tips, you never know.


I decided to do a daily post challenge because, I have to be honest, my views are nearly non-existent. I have been looking at other blogs and trying to write something better, something more open for discussions, but then I saw my options are scarce, since I don’t debate but the hot topics I want, I don’t do hair, nails, 10 reasons why…, DYE projects, I don’t have any babies, nor do I have the “photographer” tag in my description. Wish I had, though.

I mostly think I have something to say when I write and most of the people have that, but when I look at other people, I see they have commenters, friends etc. and it reminds me of my older blog, where I met a lot of awesome people. Yeah, but I am not sixteen anymore and I tell myself that I must address myself to an audience that is closer to my age. And then I feel like an elderly person, like what I write is not so digestible like other things I lay eyes on sometimes? Why?

And I am so happy when I press publish, every time thinking that now someone is gonna read that and think that “wow, I see a point there”. Where is everybody, really?

My ten minutes are up. Maybe I got it all wrong, I don’t know…You tell me howcould I get people my age to actually read what I write?

Best friends or believing in the Tooth Fairy?

I started watching a new series yesterday, The Mindy project  and just like in any other series that centers on a heroine, and not a hero, there is this classic cliché of the heroine having a best friend with whom she shares everything. It was not the only series in which I saw this going on, frankly, I can’t find a series in which the heroine is best-friend-less. And I thought…is it really that good in real life and I am just missing out on the fun? Everyone has their girl soulmate?
Continue reading “Best friends or believing in the Tooth Fairy?”

Today I like: Sainee Parinoush – The Book of Fate

I found this book in newsletters from Romanian online booksellers about a year ago, but never truly got to reading it, because most of the time I had doubts about whether the book is worth reading or not. I find myself often running into crappy books that are simply too strange to be readable from one cover to the other. I was amazed when I realized that before getting the Game of Thrones collection from my boyfriend, I haven’t bought any books for pleasure in over two years.  Now I would rather browse the internet ’till the end of time, looking for a free epub version of the books I would be tempted to read. At least there are no hard feelings if the book is Continue reading “Today I like: Sainee Parinoush – The Book of Fate”

Today I like: Maroon 5’s Album, V

I have made a sort of custom from searching the names of the latest albums of my favourite bands online, especially if I knew that the album would appear soon (like in September, and we’re in September now). I am somewhat bad at remembering the exact dates for album launches, since everyday I need to remember this and that, but that doesn’t mean that after a while I don’t check if there aren’t any new launches that I might be terribly anxious to listen.

V was one of them and as soon as I saw that it was launched, Continue reading “Today I like: Maroon 5’s Album, V”

Naked? Beep! Wrong answer.

I didn’t want to talk about the celebrity scandal revolving around some nude photos leaked from the cloud. I just laughed when I heard. Then I saw this article and this video above which got me to think about the whole concept of nakedness out in the open and how it is wrong.

First of all, I have nothing against nudity. Ever since the Renaissance and later on, artists have been interested in the proportions of the human body, and what better way to learn about it, then Continue reading “Naked? Beep! Wrong answer.”

Books and co.

It’s the beginning of autumn, and for some lucky few, there’s still a month till the end of the new college year. Since I major in English and French literature, it might not come as a surprise that I like to read.

Wait…stop! Don’t jump to any conclusions yet, cause apart from some of my fellow colleagues, I am not the library rat type. As a proof stands the fact that I hardly ever read all by bibliographies from the first title to the last and I tend to skip titles that are boring. I usually just read the first three to four pages and if I likey I readey.

But it is still the summer holiday, although it’s autumn and yes,  everybody advises me to read in advance, cause I will have a whole lot of things to do when I start, and then again…I don’t. So I start looking for new books to read.

What’s been helping me with that was Continue reading “Books and co.”

Why is it so hard to find a foreign friend?

Some time ago, in highschool, I had this desire of exchanging thoughts with a person from outside my country. At that point, I had been studying English for over nine years and scarcely speaking it. You know, when the teacher does most of the talking, and you say yes and you say no, and you solve some grammar exercises, then get 20 seconds of glory when the undivided attention of the teacher is yours and the teacher wants you to open your mouth to sing short sweet Continue reading “Why is it so hard to find a foreign friend?”

On graduation. Premature thoughts.


There are some days in which things look gloomy, days in which everything seems grey and all I’m supposed to do doesn’t happen in just a day. There are days in which I want to succeed in just a day, to know exactly what is going to happen, step by step, so I could do it better when I am supposed to do it. What I sometimes forget is that everything that is life altering never happens when I plan it. These are the events that have a way of their own, that are worth remembering and worth living, the things I know deep down that are going to make my life memorable. But don’t we all sometimes want to just Continue reading “On graduation. Premature thoughts.”