Stieg Larsson’s Millenium trilogy and why I have doubts about reading other Nordic authors

This is meant to be the review of “The girl who kicked the hornets’ nest”, but I feel that I’m going to touch on all three novels of the series in one way or another, because some aspects are valid for all of them. Plus, I did no review of the other two books, so this review would not make sense as a stand-alone thing.

I have mentioned it on Instagram previously, but these novels have rocked my psychological thriller world. I  was first introduced to the Girl with the Dragon tattoo. I was intrigued by the movie that features Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara and by its overall dark undertones. Just look at it, it has such a grey, atmospheric trailer. Same goes for the earlier Swedish movies based on the series, which in a way are better made than the Hollywood counterpart. But this article is gonna be long, I’m not gonna go into details.

At that point, I did not know what grey murder mysteries Continue reading “Stieg Larsson’s Millenium trilogy and why I have doubts about reading other Nordic authors”


Today I love: Mindy Kaling – Is everyone hanging out without me? (and other concerns)

Hello, lovely people,

Today I just finished Mindy Kaling’s first book Is everyone hanging out without me? (and other concerns) and I wanted to share my opinions with you ASAP.

I really enjoyed it. From the very first pages, it had a homey feeling, as if I could almost perceive her from a distance, mindlessly typing on her laptop the very first draft of what I was reading, absorbed by her thoughts and memories. It felt much like how I feel when I write. It was as if I could perceive her emotions, her irony, her great sense of humor and a gift of making fun of her own dramas, without sounding desperate. I could feel the human side behind this autobiography, and it was as if I was friends with her, and she was telling this story to me, while we were in New York drinking a casual cup of coffee.

This books spans from early childhood up to adulthood and while I was Continue reading “Today I love: Mindy Kaling – Is everyone hanging out without me? (and other concerns)”

Today I like: Jojo Moyes – Me before you

I have avoided romantic books for more than two years now, but inevitably, they make their way into my reading list. I did not know anything about this book, until I saw the movie trailer, and I can admit that’s what got me intrigued.

I appreciate movies that send the warm homey vibe, without being too suffocatingly cute and cliché. Plus, it has Sam Claflin in it, and it’s…Sam Claflin, you know. He already melted my heart in Love, Rosie, I knew I was in for a treat. He’s such a great actor. Plus, if you give me a romantic comedy that is gonna make me miss my long-distance boyfriend, you might as well give me eye candy. When I saw the second trailer, which came out not so long ago, I was already hyperventilating. I needed to occupy my mind with something until the movie would come out.

I can already grant the producers of the movie this: they preserved the homey feeling of the book, which is no small feat. As the author of the book said, we deal with a love story (between Louisa Clark and Will Traynor). The thing that separates this from any other cliché love story is the fact that he is Continue reading “Today I like: Jojo Moyes – Me before you”

Today I like: Sainee Parinoush – The Book of Fate

I found this book in newsletters from Romanian online booksellers about a year ago, but never truly got to reading it, because most of the time I had doubts about whether the book is worth reading or not. I find myself often running into crappy books that are simply too strange to be readable from one cover to the other. I was amazed when I realized that before getting the Game of Thrones collection from my boyfriend, I haven’t bought any books for pleasure in over two years.  Now I would rather browse the internet ’till the end of time, looking for a free epub version of the books I would be tempted to read. At least there are no hard feelings if the book is Continue reading “Today I like: Sainee Parinoush – The Book of Fate”

Books and co.

It’s the beginning of autumn, and for some lucky few, there’s still a month till the end of the new college year. Since I major in English and French literature, it might not come as a surprise that I like to read.

Wait…stop! Don’t jump to any conclusions yet, cause apart from some of my fellow colleagues, I am not the library rat type. As a proof stands the fact that I hardly ever read all by bibliographies from the first title to the last and I tend to skip titles that are boring. I usually just read the first three to four pages and if I likey I readey.

But it is still the summer holiday, although it’s autumn and yes,  everybody advises me to read in advance, cause I will have a whole lot of things to do when I start, and then again…I don’t. So I start looking for new books to read.

What’s been helping me with that was Continue reading “Books and co.”