I love me

I just downloaded Meghan Trainor’s album Thank you and I need to tell you that it has been the only item on my playlist for the last couple of days. I even wanted to make a review for it, but quite honestly, I cannot find my words yet. I was particularly intrigued by one song, which is called, just like my title I love me.

Apart from being extremely upbeat and with a really happy vibe to it, I also found it strange. It is a rather sensitive topic to touch, that of loving yourself. I mean, it usually is against the rules to actually love yourself. People believe when they look at someone that they must love themselves, I mean, you live with yourself all your life, who can love you better than you love yourself? If it were so Continue reading “I love me”


Today I like: Jojo Moyes – Me before you

I have avoided romantic books for more than two years now, but inevitably, they make their way into my reading list. I did not know anything about this book, until I saw the movie trailer, and I can admit that’s what got me intrigued.

I appreciate movies that send the warm homey vibe, without being too suffocatingly cute and cliché. Plus, it has Sam Claflin in it, and it’s…Sam Claflin, you know. He already melted my heart in Love, Rosie, I knew I was in for a treat. He’s such a great actor. Plus, if you give me a romantic comedy that is gonna make me miss my long-distance boyfriend, you might as well give me eye candy. When I saw the second trailer, which came out not so long ago, I was already hyperventilating. I needed to occupy my mind with something until the movie would come out.

I can already grant the producers of the movie this: they preserved the homey feeling of the book, which is no small feat. As the author of the book said, we deal with a love story (between Louisa Clark and Will Traynor). The thing that separates this from any other cliché love story is the fact that he is Continue reading “Today I like: Jojo Moyes – Me before you”

Unicorn in progress

I haven’t written in…literally, it’s been ages!!

Quite frankly, I sometimes get tingly fingers unexpectedly and a thought pops into my mind “You need to write, go, go,go.” On many occasions, such as this one, I don’t really have something in mind. Either way, topic or no topic, when my brain prompts me to write, I need to write, otherwise I’ll be forever tingly during the day.

I haven’t written in ages and long story short, I’ve started my masters in conference interpreting, which sounds very fancy and smart. Which it is, fancy and smart. For me, it hasn’t been a smooth transition, as I had hoped it would be, but damn, now I’m ok.

Basically, when I signed up for Continue reading “Unicorn in progress”