What is a stupid idea, really?

Idiots Idiots everywhere

Recently I started thinking that college life could not get more ridiculous than it was at that time, but turns out it can. 3rd year came along and volunteering activities  that really set my interest on fire started coming up, like never before, right in the middle of one of my busiest periods ever. Which is now. I was chosen to do an activity recently and I took the chance and it was fun, although working with kids is troublesome. I call kids not just those who are younger than me, but those who are behaving like kids. Those who tell you to chillax, ’cause there’s time to do everything, two days before a presentation that you are supposed to deliver, a presentation which is basically non-existent, because they simply can’t get it together. Those who tell you they’ll be at a certain place at 3:00 pm, but they get there at 3:45. Those who make you look bad in front of other people, because they cannot be on time for basically anything, which makes you just like them, which makes you punch them in the….

Kids.  My universe is filled with them. And when you’re among the very few with a work ethic, it’s hell to be living among them, or working with them. To see how apathetic they are. To see how they are satisfied with anything, cause daah, it doesn’t matter what you do in school so you might as well be an idiot, right? On your parents’ money? Very right. If it doesn’t matter, why waste time, really? when there are so many fun things to do and so many rich men to marry, just because the only thing you are good at is sucking dick.

There are these kids who actually think that it’s OK to be like that.

I mean, you need to relax, man, not take it so personally and seriously, everything is gonna be OK in the end.

Bob Ross

No shit. And if you team up with a kid, then there are higher chances that the kid in your team is gonna be liked more than you are, just because you would rather have fun after the work is done, while the kid would rather not do anything…but if he must do it:

Man, you’re so bossy.

Yeah, you uptight motherfucker, why won’t you chill for a moment?

And now you are witnessing the birth of the perfect excuse. Nobody blames the kid, they embrace him, like one big happy family. So what, you were late, but the kid in your team is not gonna be held responsible because she had to put on lipstick to go to a PUB,  and daaah, the members in the team couldn’t care less how you look like, because you meet them there to WORK. And men who want the job done don’t care if you have or don’t have make up on, because if you are an idiot, it means extra work for them, and that means silently punching you in your perfectly powered face. Because it is wrong to hit girls and you’re welcome.

Girls should be perfect balls of sunshine, even when the job isn’t done and the deadline is tomorrow. They must be graceful and pretty, and avoid confrontation. Also, it doesn’t matter if  you basically pulled the team towards getting a project done, if the ball of sunshine  in your side of the team is gonna ask gently if she cannot deliver the presentation you deserve for eating your nerves out to actually have something to deliver. Preferably while batting her eyelashes. Because she wants to get out of her comfort zone, you see, and she doesn’t want you to think that she hasn’t done anything, now that the job is done. All  princessy,  obviously.

.And when the princess missed the limelight, she doesn’t smell of roses anymore, but of sheer desperation, grab your popcorn and watch, cause it’s gonna get funnier by the minute. Entertaining a dubious (are we friends? what are we? ) relationship with the guy that last week made you feel sick, but who has all the contacts you desperately need? No problem! Delivering a project proposition  in the spur of the moment, cause chill, it’s gonna work anyways? Sure! Dreaming about something you are ill-equipped to deliver by yourself, counting on contacts that are not yours, but could be, if you’d only get down on both your knees, metaphorically, of course? Piece of cake! What’s the worst that could happen? Pssht!

And then there’s me, silently judging that it would be wiser to go into battle with …a gun, maybe? Me, who silently giggles every time I hear someone like this saying they actually want a serious job in the future, although they do close to nothing to get closer to it. At least not the things that would prevent your employer from silently laughing at you forever, after reading your résumé and listening to you blabber about how much experience you have gathered in college, all grown up and shit.


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