This. I miss this.

Whoever says that this is not what girls fantasize about is crazy. What happens in a girl’s brain is sexual rainbows, unicorns and pink soft grass, sprinkled with fairy dust and the warm rays of sunshine of a late summer morning.


What is a stupid idea, really?

Idiots Idiots everywhere

Recently I started thinking that college life could not get more ridiculous than it was at that time, but turns out it can. 3rd year came along and volunteering activities  that really set my interest on fire started coming up, like never before, right in the middle of one of my busiest periods ever. Which is now. I was chosen to do an activity recently and I took the chance and it was fun, although working with kids is troublesome. I call kids not just those who are younger than me, but those who are behaving like kids. Those who tell you to chillax, ’cause there’s time to do everything, two days before a presentation that you are supposed to deliver, a presentation which is basically non-existent, because they simply can’t get it together. Those who tell you they’ll be at a certain place at 3:00 pm, but they get there at Continue reading “What is a stupid idea, really?”