Today I like: Maroon 5’s Album, V

I have made a sort of custom from searching the names of the latest albums of my favourite bands online, especially if I knew that the album would appear soon (like in September, and we’re in September now). I am somewhat bad at remembering the exact dates for album launches, since everyday I need to remember this and that, but that doesn’t mean that after a while I don’t check if there aren’t any new launches that I might be terribly anxious to listen.

V was one of them and as soon as I saw that it was launched, I downloaded it and plugged my headphones. Their music is porn for the ears in my opinion, close in line to OneRepublic, a band whose latest album (Native) I simply, simply adored and probably The Black Keys. I have recently discovered The Arctic Monkeys and Jamie N Commons, whose sounds I also like. Honestly, I don’t know how I could class my music tastes, since all of this sits next to Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, and most likely 2007 Rihanna and 2008 Lady Gaga. Call me a collector of really good music.

But back to this album. The first track I heard of their album was “Maps”, but at that time, it didn’t sound any interesting, since I was head over heels for OneRepublic’s “Love Runs Out”. At that point I considered not buying any album before actually being convinced that it was really really good, like the previous album was. You would be surprised that actually buying this album was an awesome deal, because the tracks and their quality is absolutely amazing. They combine up-beat with slow rhythms, songs for the energetic to songs for the angry and the broken hearted. It’s music for the badass, a perfect mixture of sound that makes me think about bars in which there are private bands playing live, except what they are playing here is really really good. Down below I shall list the tracklist, maybe say a few words about my favorites:

1. Maps

2. Animals

3. It was always you

4. Unkiss me

5. Sugar

6. Leaving California

7. In your pocket

8. New Love

9. Coming back to you

10. Feelings

11. My heart is open (feat Gwen Stefani)

As I said before, Maps was not one of my favorite songs they wrote, but in the song’s defense, chosing one song over the other is most often a choice of mood. Obviously, when you feel badass, you don’t listen to Adele’s Someone like you, just like when you feel sad you don’t like up-beat songs, cause they are obviously, too happy for your current state. Together with Animals, I would place it in the upbeat category, although it’s not so rough as Animals or In your pocket. It is a great play for when you’re on your way to work in a cloudy morning, on the subway or while walking, because its rhythm might definitely bring some sunshine in your cloudy spirits.

Animals…just as the title suggests, it has a definite wild nuance to it.  Probably one of my favorites, it excites all sorts of thoughts in my mind. It’s a really hot song and I find it ideal for someone looking to boost their mood before a date or for getting ready. The lyric video kind of scares me, but it is definitely worth listening. Plus it would be a pretty good soundtrack for anything passionate endeavor someone might choose to pursue between the sheets. Oops, my mind is thinking in video again!

I simply adore the sound line of In your pocket. It has a certain oriental touch to it and it’s simply…. It’s contagious . I literally can’t sit on my chair while listen to this song, although I don’t have anybody that I’m angry at, nor do I have a big storm coming into my relationship, to be able to relate to the situation. One of the strong ones, just like Animals, this song is perfect to listen to while you are jogging. I wouldn’t leave it out of my ears when I clean up around the house either, cause I’m a huge fan of dancing with my headphones on. I would love to see a video someday for this song, just like the other ones, which have a tendency towards heated up situations.

Last but not least stands My heart is open. Why I chose it when I might have liked other songs better? Because I think that Gwen Stefani’s voice is perfect with Adam Levine’s. It has all the spice a duet should have, although it’s not heated up like all the other songs. After all this heat, they wanted us to calm down and relax with this romantic song, whose sound is perfect for a rainy day (both literally and metaphorically). I am not a big fan of Gwen Stefani, but she is a perfect fit for this song, something fresh among all the features we see nowadays. I haven’t heard much of her lately either, so bravo, you did a great job on this one.

I might write a lot about this album, but I guess I want to leave the rest of the tracks for you to discover. If you are into this sort of music genre and you know their thing, then trust me when I say, this album won’t let you down. If it’s your first contact, go ahead and try, cause you couldn’t find a better sample. If you have things to add (against my review,maybe) please, I can’t wait to hear what you think about this album in the comments.

Happy listening!



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