Naked? Beep! Wrong answer.

I didn’t want to talk about the celebrity scandal revolving around some nude photos leaked from the cloud. I just laughed when I heard. Then I saw this article and this video above which got me to think about the whole concept of nakedness out in the open and how it is wrong.

First of all, I have nothing against nudity. Ever since the Renaissance and later on, artists have been interested in the proportions of the human body, and what better way to learn about it, then  to observe it? I have seen paintings made by French 18th century painters, among which there were, yes, nudes. Obviously, those were not painted from the imagination, but by imitation of God’s creation. And yeah, nudes are an important chapter in the studies of every Arts’ student, that I know for a fact.and there are even people who expose their nudity for money, in class, so students can watch the curves of their body live and try and draw the best way they can what they see.

Nudes became art even in the field of photography. And I’m not talking pornography here, but rather classier exposures of the feminine body, such as you encounter in magazines like Playboy, for instance. Yeah, they are naked and you can see pretty much everything nature gave them, but they are not displayed in a gross manner and the photographers are trying to highlight every asset a woman has (not necessarily just big fake boobs). Even if some of you might say that “Oh, Playboy is just what men use to masturbate in the bathroom, cause dooh! men are so gross…”, in fact, what the whole staff does is a sort of art, the art of the naked body. Just like celebs take naked pictures for editorials and centerpieces in other magazines, more, let’s say, decent. One recent such set that comes to my mind from recently is the set of pregnant Christina Aguilera, for V Magazine, which I found right here . Let’s be serious, she doesn’t do it ’cause she’s a slut, she does it because she is proud of her body, of her maternity and in a word, of herself. That’s why people do nude pictures, some do it to remind themselves that they are still sexy, some do it because they never did something this courageous in their whole life, some just do it for the sake of art.They were taken in a professional setting, with a photographer, lights, in high quality resolution and at their own expense. They file the pictures, hide them somewhere in the house and keep them there, for their own entertainment, perhaps their husbands’ as well. Once they are done, they are done, and nobody talks of them again if they don’t want to. It’s just something they did once and that’s that.

Then there are the dumb girls who think that if Kate Upton looks all booby on the cover of Sports Ilustrated, for example, they should strike the very same pose facing some big mirror they surely have at home and take a couple of snaps and put them on facebook. Surely, it’s entirely the same thing, right? If you judge the guys who flick their bananas in front of some Playboy poster, imagine how gross it is to have guys flick their banana at your naked facebook picture. If you’re so outraged by that. What would a guy seriously do to pictures like that, look at you and think you’re the love of his life, just ’cause you lay on your bed with just some racy bikinis on, then upload the picture on facebook so every guy in your area can see how much you leave to the imagination? I bet all your ex- boyfriends loved you for your stunning personality.

And then there are the even dumber, those who did get a guy from the illustration of all their lady parts and find themselves worried that the guy won’t like them if they don’t keep up the same level of spicy. That’s what lured him in after all, right? And these alpha males ask, of course, for even more dirty pictures. And then you deliver, cause you’re desperate. The Feed is filled with chicks like you and anytime he can chose another one over you, saying that in the end, you were just a prude, not real enough. Laughing topic over beer with the guys and some other naive girls, who think that for them it’s gonna be different. Too bad that’s not gonna happen, ’cause once a monkey, always a monkey. And not the smart kinds.

I was, I suppose, among one of those who stood on the edge of the cliff towards losing everything to some guy that at the end of the day was just a jerk and will ultimately always be a jerk, regardless of the person with whom he’s gonna share the bed someday. Had I run off the cliff, not my reputation, but my self esteem would have been shattered. Thousands do that every day, every month, every year. And nobody advises them against it, not even their parents. Mind you, it’s one very important lesson my father taught me, that under no circumstance should I ever accept to do naked video-chatting or take pictures of myself naked to send to my partner (of the time), because you never know what that person might do with them afterwards and then you can never take them back, ever, once they are in the open. Not even if I truly think he is the love of my life, that should be a no-no. And well has he advised me, cause, trust me, having a brain of your own saves you many headaches you might get in the future.

And now we see that celebrities let their dirty laundry out in the unknown, by clouding them somewhere and from there, they were only one (badly chosen) password away from escaping out in the open. Shouldn’t we learn something from what happened to them? Shouldn’t we think again before we press the camera button while we’re naked?

I think we should. Granted, more then three quarters of the men out there would rather prefer their girlfriend almost naked on their bed, eager to play when they come back from work to sharing her with 10,000 other men who casually run into her semi-naked picture on facebook, intended to turn just his imagination on fire. It’s about having something that is all to yourself that is simply exciting, in itself. As for the other quarter, there’s always Playboy and their right hand, at least until they learn to deserve what they say is in their rights to receive from their female companions.


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