It was about time I…

Today I made some changes to my profile.

First of all, I changed my user name. Completely. Did it from scratch.

Then, to avoid further confusions, I transfered my blog to the said new user name and thus, separated myself from my old blog. I don’t know how many of you actually read me or how many of you accessed my profile when I commented on your posts, but I think it is overwhelming to read a comment someone wrote in English, and then click on their blog and see it’s written in some other, exotic language. Made me feel like I was a sort of fraud in the eyes of my readers, like a sort of spammer, so I wanted to change that, to make you see that the blog whose posts you could understand actually exists and you can say something on it, not leave right away after seeing that it is not what you expected it would be.

This blog is my way of writing differently and changing adresses means only passing from an archive of posts that date back to  the beginning of my teenage years to  an archive of posts that do not have precedent and cannot be compared with what was written before. It’s obvious, what I wrote at 15 or 16 doesn’t have the same quality of text as what I write now, at 21 and maybe I wanted to distance myself from that, without being ashamed of it. 

My blog in Romanian is still going, with its Romanian commenters and eavesdroppers, while this blog shall have its set of foreigner commenters, which opens my writings to a wider range of readers. That’s why I opened this blog, hoping that maybe there are some young bloggers out there who share my thoughts and who would want to comment upon them. 

For now, thank you for reading this post and thank you for stopping by. I truly appreciate it.

Happy blogging! 


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