Today is the day when my mother gave birth to me. The day I finally saw the light. The day in which I was actually breathing on my own for the first time. The day in which my family became, in fact, a family.

Most importantly, today is the day in which I am allowed to drink alcohol in whichever country I choose to visit, including the United States. 

There is nostalgia involved, but in a way, growing up I find all sorts of funny stuff to say around every anniversary. Looking back, this year was wicked in the truest sense of the way and looking back to the other years, it gets more and more wicked as time passes. It’s insane, truly, adulthood is insane.

I knew last year when I turned 20 that from now on I am gonna be 20 something, but now, 20 something is even stronger than it used to be. When I was younger, I thought these are gonna be the golden years, the ones in which I’m gonna have the greatest amount of fun ever, surrounded by all the right people, but as I stand here now, I think the fun is just starting. Or maybe I am just very very sad. I got sick (in a way) of people clubbing around me, people partying like they know what they are doing, pretending to have fun, when in truth nobody does without cigarettes and booze. Unless you get really drunk , you can’t really say that a party was awesome and after you wake up, there’s nothing remarkable about a party that ended but a few hours ago. So no, with the risk of seeming boring, I really don’t want to be a part of that, but rather focus on the things that matter, like making a future for myself, finding what I liked and what I could learn to be better professionally and having fun with the people that actually matter, those who keep you on the phone for more than 20 minutes, cause there’s just so much to talk about. Even if they are just two. Even though that makes me sad sometimes, I am freakin’ damn lucky to have them. And to have my family next to me. And yeah, 20 something might be even more awesome than 10 something, when you did not know what the hell was going on, in a really really really gonna enjoy myself kind of way.

To sum up this year, there have been tears, anger, disappointments, but there was also laughter, traveling and good morning and good night kisses. There were silly moments and there were moments in which seriousness was essential. Easy times and hard times. Moments that I would like to keep forever. 

Time is fleeting and honestly, all I wish now is to be better than I was last year. That’s what I always want and it hasn’t disappointed me yet. 

What would you wish? Leave me a comment in the section below.


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