Holy shit, I need to do stuff!

Today we’re gonna play a little imagination exercise, with me, let’s say, waking up this morning 10 years older than I was yesterday. How would my day go? First of all there will be that moment in the mirror, where my usually morning face, rested and not smiling before showering first would be a little older than the usual. Wrinkles. Holy shit, when did I get those. My hair would probably be my hair, that looks like I am some drunk cheerleader that fell asleep in a ditch, ponytail on one side, lots of strands of hair all over my face. If I get up early this morning, I might actually find myself with eyes that cannot open. Like, please, light, don’t kill me now, it’s freakin’ early for you to shine so bright.  That kind of thing. After seeing that something changed radically, I might actually pick up my cell and check the date. Holy molly , it’s August 11, 2024.

Wooooooow! Have I been drinking last night and if I did, how did I fall asleep for 10 YEARS?!  Looking for potential outfit from last night anyways. Looking for anything that might tell me what I have been doing for the past 10 years. Checking my wallet. No cards that might have money in it. Then who the hell am I?

I would probably freak out, sit myself down on the couch and probably try to rock me into waking up. It cannot be. Whom could I call to ask them about what I have been doing? Who would I actually believe what I was saying.

Screwed on so many levels. 

My boyfriend! I need to call my boyfriend. Wait, do I still have a boyfriend? What if it’s not the same I used to have yesterday, 10 years ago? What if I’m married? Checking for ring. No ring. Why don’t I have a ring? would I say, sobbing, forever-alonish. Look at me, at my face, at my body. How will I look good in a white dress looking like this? I am old. Oh boobies, what happened to you?! 

Sobs again.

Probably after a while I would realize that it is high-time I did something. Something to reverse it or maybe something to get used to it. To be honest, being my 2014 self, I don’t wish my life to be wasted as such by the time I reach 31 years old. By then, I see myself with a great job, a husband, a house,  not some disoriented freak who doesn’t understand how time has passed. It is true, at some point looking back, all memories of what we used to be, say five years ago , are somehow a blur. Thank Goodness that in truth they still are things that actually happened. Imagine what it would be like to wake up one morning and not remember anything of what you did yesterday, no alcohol consumption involved.

Probably, if what I said above would actually occur, I would probably try to do things that I wish to do, which I don’t remember doing in the past 10 years. I would make my life worth it. I would go scuba diving and sky diving and mountain climbing and I would probably try everything I now doubted being capable of. If you put it that way, I would probably be braver, because I would see on my own skin how fast time goes by and how essential it is to do the things you actually want to do, before your time ends.  I often doubt my capacities, thinking that maybe I am not going to do well at something, or it won’t help me in my future career. Now everything revolves around that, but does it? Is it really meaningful living to not focus on all the tiny things you would want to do, but you can’t because you’re worried the other side is gonna fall apart otherwise?

My question for you is not about what would you do if that would happen, but in a way, what would you want to remember from those 10 years that elapsed between yesterday and today? What would truly deserve such recognition?

P.S: The Daily prompt doesn’t stop to impress me these days with topics that instantly set my mind to typing words. If it continues this way, you’ll have more of me in no time.



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