Second opinions?

Well well well…Let’s just say today my fingers have been tingling , eager to write, but I found myself without any ideas. Then I turned to The Daily post, and they had a rather interesting question today about seconds opinions in general, on what aspects do I like to get second opinions when I am not certain of something and inevitably, who are the people to which I turn to get those confirmations I so desperately need.

Personally, I am not the second opinion type, but mostly the one that gives a second opinion. When I read the question, the first thing that popped into my mind was shopping. Usually, when I go shopping with a friend, I am the one that that friend has to drag through all the shops. Depending on how annoying that person gets if she doesn’t find what she’s looking for, this dragging process is rather enjoying, cause you never know what you might find in a stroll through the shopping mall. I enjoy being dragged (well, that came out weird) and I consider myself one of the most patient specimens when it comes both to looking for what I want and giving opinions on certain outfits (even if at some point they are countless, with no satisfying results) that my friends try on.

When it comes to me doing the shopping, I am dragging my mother. I do not like to go shopping with my friends, because most of them ,after one shop or two lose interest, and then they start approving your outfit even if it looks awful on you, just so they can get this shopping thing over with. And I hate it. First of all, because in a way it is a sign they do not care too much about what I look like and second of all because I usually go shopping with a certain vision in my head.

This vision from my head sometimes is hard to find.

Then, I see something that might work, but still, paranoia sets in immediately. What if I am gonna go in the next shop and there is where I am going to find my vision hanging and then I am gonna get stuck with something that is not my vision?

So I browse in all the shops on a certain area, to make sure the vision doesn’t escape me, if she’s out there.

And then I most often settle for the thing that might work, cause after my legs are sore and I have tried on a bunch of clothes that looked awful, that choice was perfect after all.

Some friends don’t understand it and they lack the patience. Even my mother lacks the patience, because with the passing time, it takes less and less to make her lose her patience with me, and decide she’s gonna return home because she doesn’t stand the endless browsing anymore. What I like about my mother, though, is the fact that she is always honest with me about clothes. If she hates it, she’s gonna say it out loud. The same thing if something doesn’t fit right, like jeans, tank tops and dresses. If the heels I intend to buy are too high for me, she is gonna be there saying that after less than an hour I will be shoe-less, with knives in my legs, begging for a pair of flats like a man lost in the middle of the desert begs for water and then I am definitely not gonna wear that pair of shoes for a really really long time. And I appreciate it, because that sort of behavior gives me an efficient wardrobe, filled with all the things that fit right, that are right for me.

Now, leaving shopping aside, my parents are the main advisors when it comes to life issues. People outside the people who know me since I was the size of a nugget tend to be judgmental, gossipy and on no account reliable. They most of the time don’t know how to keep their mouth shut when I want it shut and sometimes people take advantage of your weak periods, so they can use information against you, when you least expected. Paranoid much? you might ask, but trust me, experience taught me to pick very carefully the people in which I could trust. Which makes it hard to go around ask people what they think about this and that. Sometimes it’s better to just trust your own gut.

Now tell me, what are the persons  you go to ask for second opinions? Can’t wait to read all about it!


2 thoughts on “Second opinions?

  1. Marie

    shopping for anything major and I actually am not making a spur of the moment impulsive decision (which I put in my blog) — then I consult the internet and read reviews to get my 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc opinion!. If I am indecisive about anything else I ask whoever I am with. Making a major life decision about college or job or anything like that, usually my dad – who in response just tells me I am an adult and he doesn’t care what I do… seriously? You always tell me your opinion when I don’t want it! Help me out when I do want it!

    • Myriam

      Everybody has opinions when you want them to shut up about it, and it’s really really annoying, I know. For me, “if I am indecisive about anything else” happens in supermarkets, when I see 10 different brands for one product on the shelves and I have no idea which one to pick. For gadgets I got used to checking reviews myself and if it’s anything expensive I’ll think it over for quite some time before I buy it. If I ask around, everybody is an expert, although they hardly tried out anything themselves. My father does that when we go shopping together, cause there’s nobody to babysit my sister. If I were to ask him what a certain dress looks like, he would said it is beautiful and I am beautiful…with all the five dresses I tried on, even if I try it upside down or something.

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