I write to express, not to impress

This can be a pretty tricky line, isn’t it?

My blog has been kind of lonely this past few days and I could see that is was looking at me with big virtual sad eyes, so I decided to take up another Daily Post challenge and put it into words. This question in particular is a question I’ve come across many times, since there are people who wonder why you would get a blog and what is it useful for. Especially those who have no other connection with the virtual world but via facebook, where they feed their cows and like the photos of the persons they secretly dislike, apart from the casual cats.

I have said my title is a tricky line for two reasons. In a way, when we first put a bunch of words on paper and we hand it to the world, we in a way express things. That’s what it is all about. Does nobody remember how we would always write compositions for school and every time the teacher would take the papers of the entire class, we would anxiously wait to see whether we did hit the right points to get the right grade, whether we wrote something comprehensible or we were just rambling on a page or two and most importantly, how we would hope it would be our particular piece of writing that would catch the attention of the teacher? We must certainly know the bitter feeling that felt similar to  rejection when we saw our precious creations thrown in a sea of non-sparkly writing and worn off ideas.

So there’s a lie there. So what? Nothing changes in fact. Even if we are not the chosen ones, even if we don’t always have the right words, we keep writing in search of our creative Holy Grail. So we blog. Behind a URL address and some name we choose at the whim of the moment we still express. Maybe we are sad, maybe we are happy, maybe we are weak, maybe we are bold…we want the world to know what we have a voice, and regardless of the feedback, we want to make our voice heard, we want to put it out there. Oh, but wait a second. How can we be heard if nobody hears us?

You see, it is hypocritical in a way to say that  when we blog,  we write for ourselves, because as soon as our blog dies, we suddenly feel the urge to write something else, to write something better, something to please . We crave, just like a child awaits for the feedback on a paper, for the attention of the person who’s reading our lines, the sentence of our judge. We are in a way on a scene, in front of an audience who can throw at us either roses or tomatoes, according to their own personal preference or mood swing. So in a way we need the surprising effect, not just the “I blog about myself” factor.

Well, I do blog about myself and about my life, but you have a life too, so what would make your writing have a better substance than mine? The way I present it.  And probably that’s what balances the express and impress factor of this entire article. It’s not about writing about what people like, because if we were all to write about what people liked, we would be all very likely to  write about the same thing, using just different words over and over again, until  “the audience”  would be bored and would dislike the things we were so convinced they liked. It’s a gamble . People don’t look to be pleased, they look to be pleased, if possible, with a spark. It’s the spark they chase. They look for something to relate to, even if that thing is not such a pleasant thing to read and to acknowledge. That’s what writing generally does: it makes you think, it makes you reflect upon yourself, upon your own life, upon your own experience and path. You get them thinking, you have a change they would remember you. We all see things differently and that’s why that uniqueness of our being should be blended in our words. It’s like cooking with your soul, you must put some of you inside your article, to make it have its own distinctive flavor.  So no matter what my readers might like at the moment, this is what I write about and how I write it . I am not a crowd-pleaser, I am a human being. I am who I am and it wouldn’t be fair to make everything pinky perfect just because that’s what some would want to read. Life is not always pink, but that’s what makes it beautiful and in a way, that goes with writing too.  I’m in this to express my imperfection as it is, not as you want to see it…that is, nonexistent. It’s not a game I want to practice.

So no, I wouldn’t trade that for all the views in the world. It would be boring and narrow and I would rather have a bunch of readers with opinions than a crowd of readers of the “Ha ha, funny! now go make me a sandwich!” kind . I would express better, had I known it is my true self in my writing, not a fraud.


One thought on “I write to express, not to impress

  1. Robert

    When I started my blog, I was aware of the fact that I was using a public URL, and my wirting could be seen by any person in this world. Nevertheless, I was not interested in gathering crowds of readers. I just wanted to express my thoughts, and if someone had something to add or to debate, I was ready to answer them. It is all about sharing your opinions, your feelings or your life experiences. If someone can relate to your words, then that is the most rewarding thing in the world. This is not Facebook. This should not be a domain full of people who post stupid pictures and quotes, just to gather a few pathetic Likes. The world of blogging gives us a chance to express our individuality, and for this reason, I will never change the way I write, just for a bunch of pathetic post views.

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