What about my blog?

Some of you might wonder why I, a Romanian citizen with a blog that already had followers , just slightly less comments, decided to initiate this other blog here, in English, to write about her young adult life. Basically, to start over.

Well…there were many reasons. The first one would be the anger I felt after writing the post before this one, a post that I find very special and that I wished it were exposed to a different type of audience, just because those are not some other words I write in my lunch break or something, but words with deeper meaning. At first I thought this was about me writing in English, but you would be surprised to know that Romanians (or at least the Romanians that followed me) did know English quite well. Yet…no comment. Neither did the WordPress staff pay any attention to what I wrote, the main reason for that being the fact that my previous URL was in Romanian. So what?! It doesn’t mean that if I have a Romanian URL, my English  can’t be flawless in this piece of writing I wanted to show to the world.

Another reason why this baby was created was my wish to explore beyond the hedge. To clarify the hedge situation, I think that the community in every country is a rather closed one which is differentiated from another by language or certain mentalities. Once upon a time, I used to be happy with my Romanian blog, which had readers, readers with opinions based on hard facts or maybe heart-felt experience. I enjoy both. But now, now our Romanian girls have picked up a ledge and have gone up that ledge to look behind the edge and there they saw a sort of wonderland…of clothes. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against clothes or fashion blogs that have style and sometimes have better content than a bunch of glossy magazines put together. They have their purpose, and sometimes from this sort of blogs that also have a DIY section, you learn how to do pretty cool stuff for yourself. Still, together with handmade blogs,  they are not in my top favorites, they are more like blogs I sink in when I’m in the mood of sinking into images of clothes I know for sure I can’t afford.  Going back to the girls here, some of them saw that wonderland and how a well made wonderland can get you internships at Vogue or Vanity fair, so they started creating blogs like that here, although I’m not sure which of them got their phone call from their favorite glossy magazine just yet. And I am left with either that, or blogs that write fiction without me realizing it. Those kind of blogs where the owners write sequels after sequels and steamy chapters and long frustrated lines involving characters who either have too much sex or just seem way too vampirishly surreal. Does nobody write on paper  and hide their manuscripts in a drawer anymore?! That would have been so much fun. Fine, you can do that, but you either write that or you either write about yourself. Poor innocent readers like me might get confused and might follow you, and then get infected with sobby fiction they don’t really want in their reader. No pun intended !

I should also refer to those really followed blogs written by adults that write about boring stuff like politics or babies. I don’t intend to have a baby at 20 , I don’t want to get pregnant, I’m surely not pregnant now, so pleeaaaaase give me a break?! Pretty please? ;;) Is nobody writing about their life anymore…like their life before having…babies, maybe!? Is the blogosphere so populated by either 14 -year olds who write about how life is not worth living and or by 35 year olds who can’t stop writing about babies, babies, babies?!  Or is it just me that reads the wrong people? Now I’m concerned.

That’s why I want to explore beyond the hedge in hope that there somewhere is that army of people who write stuff just like I do and who want something more out of their blog something beyond just pictures and babies and bad poetry or sobby fiction. Or just cats, in general. If those girls found wonderland, I’m willing to search for it too so watch out for me, cause I’m on my way to find my own personal pot of gold.  If I’ll find it, you’ll know about it if you care to join me. Now I’m out…I got to go take care of some real life situations. Kisses! :*